The "Witch Well Tavern" is an old family operated business, it is located on Hwy 191.  The unincorporated village consists mainly of the tavern, pictured here.

The town of St. John's is 25 miles away and it is the County Seat.  It provides the local residents with Gas, Groceries, Drug Store, Hardware Store and Restaurants.

The Zuni Indian Reservation is located 25 miles due east from the tavern and it also has stores, market, gas, bakery for fresh bread and Pueblo Restaurant, you will observe beautiful colorful mesas and an authentic pueblo village.

The Witch Well area consists primarily of small and large ranches, an area appreciated by people living life off the "grid" and going "green," you'll find straw built homes, underground homes,  cabins, site built homes and manufactured homes.  Some people live year round in their RV's and thoroughly enjoy it!  We currently have 1.25 up to 40 acre parcels available.  

What's the Weather like in Witch Well? At an altitude of 6400 feet, Witch Well offers a cool, secluded respite from the heat of the surrounding desert.  The average maximum temperature in July, the hottest month, is 90.1 degrees.  Winters are mild with maximum lows in the mid-teens.  Snowfall averages 18.3 inches per year and generally melts off within a day or two. 

Where is the Water in Witch Well?  The principle aquifer in the area is the Coconino Sandstone Formation, which should yield sufficient quantities of acceptable quality water for domestic use but occurs at depth.  Available information indicates that the top of the Coconino lies approximately 200' to 1000' below land surface under confined conditions depending on location and elevation.

The overlying shallow Bidahochi aquifer at an underlying depth of 55' to 550' below land surface is a better source of water if located.  This aquifer has collected rain water for 10 million years and has filtered down while flowing to the Coconino, until settling on rock or clay where it remains.  There are also underground streams in the area as well.

There are several wells in the Red Sky Ranch area which average 200' deep, north on Blue Sage Road wells are 400-550' deep, and also at the bottom of Hardscrabble Canyon 3 mi west of Hwy 191 at mile marker 341 is 25' deep.

Many people haul water from St. John's, it is economical and easy.  Some people prefer to have their own well drilled and there are many qualified local well drillers in the area.

There are also several solar companies in the area offering full solar system installation or if you prefer you can purchase the parts and install a solar system yourself.  Living off the Grid eliminates monthly electric bills. 

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